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Eat Sesame Seeds to fortify Blood Sugar Levels


A large population of people these days suffer from high blood sugar level or a condition known as diabetes. But before people develop type 2 diabetes, they almost always have a condition that is termed as prediabetes. Prediabetes is basically a situation in which a person has blood sugar higher than the normal amounts but definitely not as high as that found in diabetics. This condition is thus also known as impaired glucose intolerance and even impaired fasting glucose. Both diabetes and prediabetes can be risky and may pose a risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. But one natural food which can help tackle both is sesame seeds.

For prediabetics, early treatment can help prevent a full blown diabetes and lower risk of cardiovascular diseases too. Besides sesame seeds, nuts, whole grains and other seeds too can help reduce the risk significantly mainly because of the presence of fiber. Both white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds also contain antioxidants, minerals and phytosterols which too prove beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels. In a research conducted on about 20 persons suffering from prediabetes, a certain percentage of people were given a trademarked blend of sesame seed lignan extract and these individuals were later found to have improved glycemic levels. These individuals also have a reduction in total cholesterol, fasting blood sugar and oral glucose tolerance test.

For diabetics and prediabetics, the four minerals which are of extreme importance are zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium. In just about a quarter of a cup of sesame seeds, there is about 44.5% of daily requirement of manganese, 73.5% of daily requirement of copper, 18.6% of daily requirement of zinc and 31.5% of daily requirement of magnesium. Consuming all these four minerals on a daily basis can alter the metabolism of a person as these are associated with insulin resistance and hyperglycemia.

In order to make the most of natural sesame seeds or organic sesame seeds as far as treating diabetes is concerned; experts suggest that one must add them to a batter of homemade bread, cookies or muffins. Another way to incorporate sesame seeds in your diet is to consume it in the form of tahiniover breads or with other savoury snacks. There are numerous ways in which these seeds can benefit you and can be added to your diet. Diabetes and prediabetics must go an extra mile in trying to have them on a daily basis to find relief from heart threatening conditions.